Roth Company BBB Review

I just wanted to say thank you to the Roth / Farrow group for all the hard work they accomplished on our home. Unfortunately, we were a neighbor to a fire and subsequently had our home damaged with smoke and water. The Roth / Farrow group was attentive, respectful, accurate and timely. The amount of work they accomplished in 2 months was astounding. The attention to detail and our needs was impressive. Often a company can do good work but may lack in personnel areas. This team was always respectful and attentive, even to needs we were unaware we had. During such a time of chaos and confusion this team walked us thru the process and procedure with grace and understanding. Phil, Steve, Chris and Jeanette took the task of our personal items with care and grace. Larry and Rick made sure our clothes were cleared and returned to us upon request and sometimes at last minute, with expedient care. Dale and his team put our home back together, making sure every detail was not missed.

I have worked with contractors in the past but never have I seen so much quality work done in such a timely manner. One call to Dale about any concerns my husband or I had and the question was answered and taken care of with in minutes. They all made themselves available any time for questions or concerns that we had. Thank you so much we truly appreciate you all!

Cleveland, OH

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