Barbara C.

Vehicle Impact Damage Testimonial

On Sunday, July 17th, 2016 my house was struck by a car. The result of the impact was so devastating that I could not bear to go down to my basement after seeing the damage. However, thanks to Roth Construction Company, that terrible mishap is now like a bad dream that never really happened.

I found out about Roth from my insurance company (State Farm). When I called to report the loss I asked who I could contact to get the damaged area boarded. Roth was one of the names I was given.

When I called Roth to have them send someone out for an estimate, they sent Justin Peto. For Roth to have someone like Justin to be the first person to come to your home speaks volumes for the company. I cannot say enough about him. He apparently realizes that the homeowner is already upset and overwhelmed by their unfortunate situation. He made me feel very comfortable and did not try to pressure me. Justin assured me that when the work was completed I would be very pleased. He explained thoroughly all the work to be done. He would answer my texts immediately whenever had a question, and email me whenever he received info from from the insurance company that I needed to see. When a project manager was assigned to the job, Justin told me I could still call him if I felt I needed his help. He’s such a nice guy. Needless to say Justin Peto is the reason I chose Roth Construction as the contractor I would use.

My project manager was Mike Fazio who came to my home during each phase of the project to make sure everything was going smoothly. He answered my phone calls promptly whenever I had a question and quickly resolved any issues I had. He brought out samples for siding, however I did not want the siding company he chose. This was no issue for Mike, and I got the siding I wanted. He’s a good guy, very personable.

The first worker to start the project for the masonry people, headed by Todd I believe. They did such a good job, it doesn’t look like the area was damaged. Next was the painter, Tim Lanning and who ranks very high on my list of good painters. He takes pride in doing an excellent job, and is also very nice man.

After that it was time for the siding to be done. The siding crew, headed by Reginald was phenomenal. I have never seen a group of guys work together so well and are so professional. They have made my house beautiful!

Finally it’s time for the electrician to do his job on the project. Mark’s work is excellent and he explained what he had done by code, so I understood clearly (nice guy btw).

I think that much of the expertise of Roth’s project workers come from experience. I found out that all the guys that worked on my house had been doing their specific type of work for a long time.

On a score of 1 to 10, I rate Roth Construction a 10. For the professionalism and integrity of the people they employ to do the work, I rate them 10 plus!

I would highly recommend Roth Construction Company to anyone whose house or business has been damaged. Again I thank you for a job well done. May God bless the owner/president Bob Rothacker and the entire staff.


Barbara C.
Cleveland, OH

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