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Buyer Beware: After-Storm Contractor Scams

If Mother Nature didn’t do ample damage with heavy rains, lightning, and hail, get ready to weather another storm in the way of contractor scams. As if there wasn’t enough to deal with in terms of flooding, downed trees, torn-off shingles, and cracked siding, now you have to put your trust (and money!) in the hands of a complete stranger.

What Could Go Wrong?

Simply put: A lot. When you need a contractor to help you respond to storm damage, the goal is to find someone who is skilled, licensed, insured, and fits your budget. However, some of what you might be presented with by contractors that aren’t up to snuff is just the opposite. The result could negatively end in permanent property damage, stolen money, and legal risk.


Save Yourself from Contractor Scams

You might think, “I’d never get taken by a scammer.” Maybe that’s true. But in the interest of it’s better to be safe than sorry, beware of the following red flags to protect your personal, financial, and legal security.

You know the saying “go with your gut”? If something just feels off about a contractor, even in you can’t quite put your finger on it, trust the instinct. That may mean doing more homework to talk to contractors’ past clients or to read online reviews. Or it may mean abandoning one contractor in exchange for someone else.

Storm Damage Cleanup Companies, Cleveland OH

Roth Construction’s Storm Damage Emergency Services will secure your property for further damages and begin the clean up process. Our teams will understand how stressful this can be and that it’s not just the damages caused by the storm, but how you and your family was feeling during the storm. We take care of your family like we take care of our own.

Call 800-874-3473 and let Roth Construction handle your home and commercial building’s storm damage, tree damage, or vehicle impact damage. We also perform water damage remediation service and rebuild construction services. Heavy rains and storms that cause a flooded basement, sump pump failure, and other storm related damage – can cause significant damage to your home or business. Roth Construction provides emergency board-up and emergency water damage remediation services to prevent further damage.

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