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Can My Roof Hold Santa & His Sleigh?

While elves are busy making toys for good little girls and boys, your children might have some concerns about the logistics of Santa delivering their presents on Christmas Eve. After all, there are a lot of houses and children to visit in just a few hours, so the smoother the landing zone, the better! We thought we’d help you put your child’s mind at ease about your house being Santa-ready – specifically about making sure your roof is ready to hold Santa, his sleigh, and his eight tiny reindeer.

First, let’s set the scene. According to The Telegraph, Santa’s sleigh weighs more than 2 million tons, once loaded down with toys. He also travels about 1,800 miles every second, so the time he spends on your roof will be over with the twinkling of an eye. Still, that roof better be ready!

To ensure a successful landing and departure, here’s a roof maintenance check list:

Also, monitor your roof for ice dams as they may indicate a bigger problem. Typically, ice dams are caused by ventilation and insulation issues. For example, warm air coming up from the attic through a poorly insulated roof can cause snow to melt, then that water freezes in cooler, better-insulated points. Ice dams can greatly weigh on your roof and gutters. In fact, in extreme cases, water frozen in clogged gutters can weigh them down so much they break free from the house and crash to the ground, sometimes causing property damage in the process. Plus, all this water has to have somewhere to go – meaning you could help up with water leaks inside your home. Moral of the story: if you have ice dams, try to pinpoint the cause – and call a restoration or roofing company for help!

If you find there are problems with any of these areas! Give us a call! We have special tools and technology that can help pinpoint any insulation problems, water leaks, etc., to get your roof … and home … in tip top shape for Santa’s arrival!

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If you find yourself experiencing water damage to your home or business this holiday season from bursting pipes, sewer backups, faulty plumbing, dishwashers, washing machines, water from putting out a fire, storms, leaky roofs, damaged gutters, or backed up drains know that Roth provides emergency water damage remediation services to prevent further damage.

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