Roth Construction

Don & Jennie H.

House fire just days before Christmas Day

To the Roth Construction/Cleaning Family,

After our family was displaced from our home due to a fire but a few days before Christmas in 2015, we looked around and found three companies that we thought could handle our restorative needs. After conducting the initial interviews, it was obvious who we should go with. Roth construction was prepared from the onset to tackle the job. You came into our home with a full arsenal of resources to address our questions and concerns. We will never forget, the one potential contractor that had nothing but his word and a contract; the other had comparable selling aspects as you but failed to make us feel like we lost something of value and it was your goal to make us whole again. You brought before and after pictures of past disasters your customers faced. It is from those pictures that we were able to see what seemed impossible to us, was possible to you.

Another selling point was the total package Roth Construction & Cleaning brought to the table. We had no idea what was involved in the restorative process. Roth Construction and Cleaning provided the cleanup crew, meticulous categorizing and ultimate cleaning of our items. You provided secure storage of our belongings during the whole repair process. As the days went by and weather changed, you provided rapid delivery of our personal articles to the doorstep of our rental without ever once putting us off even a day.

Roth construction provided the structural reinforcement, tear out and repair of our house. This would include a complete roof truss and ceiling tear-off in the middle of the winter while avoiding any further damage to the walls and structure that were still intact. Roth Construction worked with our insurance company throughout the whole process and minimized the need for our input.

Along with the major house repairs, we had ideas for change in some of the structural and architectural design. It is here where Roth Construction really stood out. You worked with us and making design and structural improvements to our house that we otherwise would never have been able to do. You allowed us to work alongside your workers, in our house, to keep our out-of-pocket improvement costs down and complete the portions of the remodeled segment that were within our abilities. You made us feel comfortable throughout the whole process and not once did we ever feel unwanted while on-site, as work was being performed. Your crews treated our property at all times with the utmost respect and were very courteous to our family and friends.

In the end, what was thought to be impossible to us was in fact not only restored to its originality but was even better than ever imagined. Though we hope to never need your services again; we will pass your information on to anyone that does. Thanks for all of your work and support.

Two satisfied homeowners,

Don & Jennie H.
Madison, OH

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