Fire and Water Damage Restoration Contractor Sandusky OH

Fire and Water Damage Restoration Contractor Sandusky OH

Water damage from bursting pipes, sewer backups, faulty plumbing, dishwashers, washing machines – or even the water the Fire Department used to put out your fire – can cause significant damage to your Sandusky, OH home or business. Not to mention it can compromise the structural integrity of your home or commercial building.

Storms, floods, and heavy rains are also common causes of water damage, especially with homes or buildings that have leaky roofs, damaged gutters, or backed up drains.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Clean Up

When a fire damages your Sandusky, OH home or commercial building you need quick answers and a fast response. Our team of professional fire restoration specialists has the expertise and the equipment to locate and repair any areas damaged by fire, smoke and soot.

When damage has occurred to your home or business in Sandusky, or anywhere else in Erie County Ohio, Roth Construction and Roth Cleaning Companies is your trusted damage restoration company.

Call us now to restore your home or business: 216-267-8330

Since 1967, Roth Construction has specialized in restoring residential and commercial property and, in doing so, has worked closely with insurance carriers throughout Northern Ohio, becoming the preferred contractor among Sandusky construction companies.

Roth Cleaning and Roth Construction Companies Services

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration
Water Damage Restoration and Sewage Clean Up
Board Up Services due to Building Damage due to Vehicle Impact
Board Up Services for Weather or Storm Damage
Construction and Rebuild


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