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Keep Your Home Safe from Sewage Damage

Water damage caused by a leaky pipe, a heavy spring rain shower, or faulty appliance is rarely welcome by homeowners. However, if given the choice between water damage caused by one of those culprits versus water damage caused by a sewer-related issue, sewage damage loses every time.

Good Water Gone Bad

Aside from the root cause, the biggest difference between these two types of damage is the water itself. When it comes to contamination, water is divided into three categories:

All water caused by sewage damage–sewer back-up, broken waste pipe, toilet overflow, septic back flow, flooded lakes and rivers– is considered to contain black water by the industry. This is the worst type of water damage and can be dangerous given the potential health risk should a person come in direct contact with it.

Festering in the water are pathogens and parasites that can lead to serious infections and diseases. Additionally, fertilizer run-off, industrial chemicals, and other hazardous materials pose a threat to the toxicity of the contaminated water.  

Sewage Safety

If you suspect sewage damage in your home or workplace, stay away and call in a professional immediately. The longer the problem is unaddressed, the further the problem can spread and cause cross-contamination throughout your property.

Addressing the damage quickly is key, but avoiding it all together is even better.

Follow these tips to help keep your home safe from sewage damage:


 Roth Companies Sewage and Water Damage Restoration

Water damage from sewage backup, toilet overflow, leaking roofs, bursting pipes, and flooding – can cause significant damage to your home or business. Roth provides water damage remediation service and emergency water extraction services to prevent further damage. Call us today!


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