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5 Ways to Prevent Weather from Wrecking Your Remodeling Project

Summer may seem the best time to tackle all those home improvement projects, but really every season provides unique opportunities. That said, each can comes saddled with challenges, too.

Seasonal Effectiveness Remodeling

Depending on the climate of where your home resides, it’s easy to assume warm weather equals outdoor remodeling projects and cold weather moves the work indoors. But it’s not always so simple when Mother Nature is in control.

Warm weather: Sunny, blue skies are one thing, but what happens when the mercury is cranked so high it makes outdoor projects (or those indoor areas not air conditioned) unsafe for workers to make any progress? There’s also the potential for increased humidity making areas damp, which can lead to mold and mildew. And speaking of moisture, let’s not forget spring rainfalls, complete with thunder and lightening. Nothing like a downpour of showers to slow things to a grinding halt.

Cold weather: Crisp cool air makes for easier temps when working both inside and out, but when it gets really brisk, it may be too cold to complete the work. Add to that snow, ice, or even just heavier winds blowing around debris, and it may seem more damage is being caused than resolved–if any work is getting done at all.

Weather Prevention Project Planning Tips

You already know you can’t control the weather, but that doesn’t mean you are at the mercy of whatever is forecasted to come. During your next big house project, keep these helpful (and likely money-saving!) tips in mind.

  1. Be prepared: While some home projects become necessities regardless if the time is right, if you can plan ahead, do. Replacing windows will be easier and less taxing on your energy bills if the weather is warmer outside. And while summer may a good time for roof work, aim for times when it’s not typically the hottest time of year. Need a new driveway or cement foundation? Do it before it gets too cold, which can make it harder for the concrete to cure.
  2. Add a buffer: They say the best offense is a good defense, and that’s definitely true with any remodeling project. Try as you might, unforeseen expenses and delays are going to happen, and sometimes those are going to be due to weather or accidents out of your control. Factor in a bit of a buffer in both your budget and your schedule to help reduce the stress should you need to use it.
  3. Spring for a few extras: It’s easy to want to cut costs wherever you can, but tossing a few extra bucks toward preventative and precautionary measure could save you big digit numbers as your project moves ahead. For example, have fans and dehumidifiers on hand when doing remodeling work that can be affected by humidity or rainfall. Keep them running to keep the area dry and free from mold. If you’re worried about rainfall, have heavy duty tarps on hand and roll them out when work is not in progress, even if rain isn’t in the forecast–it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  4. Provide proper storage: Avoid construction materials from getting wet, as well as concrete, paint, and other supplies from getting too hot or too cold by establishing a good storage solution during your project. Materials can warp, blister, become cracked, or weaken when exposed to the elements, which can cost you more money to replace.
  5. Hire a professional: It’s admirable to want to DIY a project, but if you’re only doing so for the cost savings, shop around first. Not only will skilled professionals have all the tools they need to respond to whatever Mother Nature throws their way, but they’ve also likely done this work in your region enough to know how to plan properly to avoid potential problems. In the long run, you might not save much money going solo, and the work will likely get done quicker and with less headaches.

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