Professional Restoration

Roth Construction’s first priority is helping you to get your life back after disaster strikes. We are a restoration construction company that’s been specializing in insurance-related professional restoration of homes and businesses damaged by fire, weather, vehicle impact, burglary and vandalism for nearly 50 years. We are the preferred contractor among Cleveland construction companies of many major Insurance Carriers.

We assign a Project Management Team to every restoration job. Our skilled Estimators assess the damage, create an estimate using special software and work closely with your Insurance Adjuster. Our Project Managers oversee all aspects of job production from start to finish, minimizing business interruption and meeting tight deadlines. Our uniformed, licensed and bonded Construction Crew offers superior water damage remediation service and professional fire restoration as well as emergency fire and water restoration. We specialize in damage-related home and business restoration, repairing everything from single rooms to entire homes and businesses.

Fire Damage

When a fire damages your home or business you need quick answers and a fast response. Our team of professional fire restoration specialists has the expertise and the equipment to locate and repair any areas damaged by fire, smoke and soot.

Roth Construction issues an unconditional smoke and odor free guarantee for the life of the structure. Even if you sell your home or business, the guarantee goes with it.

Vehicle Impact

Vehicle accidents can damage your property and require major repairs. Even when impact damages appear to be minor, we check for potentially unseen structural damage and ensure that more serious problems are not experienced in the future. Roth’s Construction Team is experienced in foundation, structural, siding and trim restoration, and can return your home or business to its pre-damage state, or better.

Weather & Wind

Severe weather, wind, tornadoes, hail, lightning, ice and snow backup or other natural disasters can be devastating to your home or business. Roth Construction has the experience to immediately halt any further destruction and restore your property. Did a tree fall on your home or business? We can fix that, too.

Water Damage

Water damage from leaking roofs, bursting pipes, dishwashers, washing machines – or even the water the Fire Department used to put out your fire – can cause significant damage to your home or business. Roth provides water damage remediation service and emergency water extraction services to prevent further damage. We have banks of dehumidifiers, extractors, air movers and driers ready for the largest water disasters.

Our Guarantees

Smoke & Odor Free Guarantee:
We issue an unconditional smoke and odor removal guarantee for the life of the structure as a result of the fire damage for which we were employed. We will promptly, without cost to the owner, locate and eliminate the odor source.

Roth Construction shall re-execute any work that fails to conform to the requirements of the contract and shall remedy any defects due to faulty workmanship which appear within a period of one year from the date of completion of the contract. The provisions of this article apply to work done by the subcontractors as well as work done by direct employees of Roth Construction. Materials will be guaranteed by the manufacturer. If, within one year from the date of completion, any work or product is found to be defective, Roth Construction Company will, promptly, without cost to the owner, correct such defective work so as to conform with the repair estimate.

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