Water & Sewage Restoration

We offer water damage remediation service 24 hours a day!Water Damage Restoration Services Cleveland, OH

Water damage from bursting pipes, sewer backups, faulty plumbing, dishwashers, washing machines – or even the water the Fire Department used to put out your fire – can cause significant damage to your home or business. Not to mention it can compromise the structural integrity of your home or commercial building.

Storms, floods, and heavy rains are also common causes of water damage, especially with homes or buildings that have leaky roofs, damaged gutters, or backed up drains.

Water Damage Remediation Services

Water damage restoration Cleveland, Akron, Canton and surrounding Ohio areas

Roth Companies provides water damage remediation service and emergency water extraction services to prevent further damage. We have banks of dehumidifiers, extractors, air movers and driers ready for the largest water disasters. With Roth Construction, you can expect a quick turnaround with your water damage restoration services so that your Cleveland, Elyria, and surrounding area home or business is safe.


Sewage damage cleanup services by Roth Companies and Roth Construction Company

Roth Construction’s Sewage Cleanup Services

Filled with bacteria and viruses, sewage water can be quite harmful if it seeps into your property. In addition to smelling bad, sewage water can lead to disease making those coming into contact with it quite ill. While leaks and flooding from freshwater sources can cause a great deal of damage, sewage water raises the stakes.

To respond to the damage, instead of drying the area and tending to the risk for mold and mildew as you would with a clean water source, sewage water destruction may be irreversible. Padding, carpet, furniture, and other household possessions may need to be replaced if not able to be adequately cleaned.

To avoid sewage damage in your home, check out our blog on “Is Your Home At Risk for Sewage Damage“. Understanding the potential causes and tending to them may be the best strategy for prevention.

Should a sewage backup happen, call a trusted, reliable sewage cleanup service pro, such as Roth Company, to help you deal with this potentially dangerous situation.


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Contact Roth today for any water damage cleanup services from washing machines, dishwashers, burst pipes, leaking roof, spring rains, flooded basement. Roth provides emergency water damage remediation services to prevent further damage.

Roth Cleaning and Roth Construction Companies service Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Elyria, Sandusky, Youngstown, and surrounding Ohio areas.