Water Damage Remediation Services

“Dear Bob,

My wife Brenda and I wanted to thank you and all of the folks at Roth Construction and Roth Cleaning, for doing a great job on the repair and clean up for our recent water line leak.

Everyone was very professional in their approach to the job. They arrived on time, and were very careful in and coming into and leaving her home with their equipment. I asked most of them how long they worked for Roth and how they liked it. Without exception, they all said it was a good company to work for. That response is a reflection of the leadership at the top of the organization.

I would absolutely hire Roth Construction again, and recommend your company to anyone who might need your services. Thanks again!


Robert C.” – Cleveland, OH

Vehicle Impact Damage Testimonial

“On Sunday, July 17th, 2016 my house was struck by a car. The result of the impact was so devastating that I could not bear to go down to my basement after seeing the damage. However, thanks to Roth Construction Company, that terrible mishap is now like a bad dream that never really happened.

I found out about Roth from my insurance company (State Farm). When I called to report the loss I asked who I could contact to get the damaged area boarded. Roth was one of the names I was given.

When I called Roth to have them send someone out for an estimate, they sent Justin Peto. For Roth to have someone like Justin to be the first person to come to your home speaks volumes for the company. I cannot say enough about him. He apparently realizes that the homeowner is already upset and overwhelmed by their unfortunate situation. He made me feel very comfortable and did not try to pressure me. Justin assured me that when the work was completed I would be very pleased. He explained thoroughly all the work to be done. He would answer my texts immediately whenever had a question, and email me whenever he received info from from the insurance company that I needed to see. When a project manager was assigned to the job, Justin told me I could still call him if I felt I needed his help. He’s such a nice guy. Needless to say Justin Peto is the reason I chose Roth Construction as the contractor I would use.

My project manager was Mike Fazio who came to my home during each phase of the project to make sure everything was going smoothly. He answered my phone calls promptly whenever I had a question and quickly resolved any issues I had. He brought out samples for siding, however I did not want the siding company he chose. This was no issue for Mike, and I got the siding I wanted. He’s a good guy, very personable.

The first worker to start the project for the masonry people, headed by Todd I believe. They did such a good job, it doesn’t look like the area was damaged. Next was the painter, Tim Lanning and who ranks very high on my list of good painters. He takes pride in doing an excellent job, and is also very nice man.

After that it was time for the siding to be done. The siding crew, headed by Reginald was phenomenal. I have never seen a group of guys work together so well and are so professional. They have made my house beautiful!

Finally it’s time for the electrician to do his job on the project. Mark’s work is excellent and he explained what he had done by code, so I understood clearly (nice guy btw).

I think that much of the expertise of Roth’s project workers come from experience. I found out that all the guys that worked on my house had been doing their specific type of work for a long time.

On a score of 1 to 10, I rate Roth Construction a 10. For the professionalism and integrity of the people they employ to do the work, I rate them 10 plus!

I would highly recommend Roth Construction Company to anyone whose house or business has been damaged. Again I thank you for a job well done. May God bless the owner/president Bob Rothacker and the entire staff.


Barbara C.” – Cleveland, OH

Roth Construction Letter of Recommendation:

“I’m writing to recommend Roth Construction services. I had a very unfortunate situation in which we had a house fire. From day one, they had my interest at the forefront. They had it boarded up and within a short time we had the reconstruction completely planned and coordinated with my insurance company. The assigned project manager always kept informed and provided options as it progressed. I can tell you that they went above and beyond to make sure that it was done right. You hear of so many bad situations in the contracting world. I recommend going with Roth Construction because they have been in the business for a long time and have the backing to get things done. They made it this terrible situation so much less stressful. I was able to concentrate on my family and work without worrying about this project.

Greg B.” – North Olmsted, OH

Roth Company BBB Review

BBB Review
“I just wanted to say thank you to the Roth / Farrow group for all the hard work they accomplished on our home. Unfortunately, we were a neighbor to a fire and subsequently had our home damaged with smoke and water. The Roth / Farrow group was attentive, respectful, accurate and timely. The amount of work they accomplished in 2 months was astounding. The attention to detail and our needs was impressive. Often a company can do good work but may lack in personnel areas. This team was always respectful and attentive, even to needs we were unaware we had. During such a time of chaos and confusion this team walked us thru the process and procedure with grace and understanding. Phil, Steve, Chris and Jeanette took the task of our personal items with care and grace. Larry and Rick made sure our clothes were cleared and returned to us upon request and sometimes at last minute, with expedient care. Dale and his team put our home back together, making sure every detail was not missed.

I have worked with contractors in the past but never have I seen so much quality work done in such a timely manor. One call to Dale about any concerns my husband or I had and the question was answered and taken care of with in minutes. They all made themselves available any time for questions or concerns that we had. Thank you so much we truly appreciate you all!

-AJ” – Cleveland, OH

House fire just days before Christmas Day

“To the Roth Construction/Cleaning Family,

After our family was displaced from our home due to a fire but a few days before Christmas in 2015, we looked around and found three companies that we thought could handle our restorative needs. After conducting the initial interviews, it was obvious who we should go with. Roth construction was prepared from the onset to tackle the job. You came into our home with a full arsenal of resources to address our questions and concerns. We will never forget, the one potential contractor that had nothing but his word and a contract; the other had comparable selling aspects as you but failed to make us feel like we lost something of value and it was your goal to make us whole again. You brought before and after pictures of past disasters your customers faced. It is from those pictures that we were able to see what seemed impossible to us, was possible to you.

Another selling point was the total package Roth Construction & Cleaning brought to the table. We had no idea what was involved in the restorative process. Roth Construction and Cleaning provided the cleanup crew, meticulous categorizing and ultimate cleaning of our items. You provided secure storage of our belongings during the whole repair process. As the days went by and weather changed, you provided rapid delivery of our personal articles to the doorstep of our rental without ever once putting us off even a day.

Roth construction provided the structural reinforcement, tear out and repair of our house. This would include a complete roof truss and ceiling tear-off in the middle of the winter while avoiding any further damage to the walls and structure that were still intact. Roth Construction worked with our insurance company throughout the whole process and minimized the need for our input.

Along with the major house repairs, we had ideas for change in some of the structural and architectural design. It is here where Roth Construction really stood out. You worked with us and making design and structural improvements to our house that we otherwise would never have been able to do. You allowed us to work alongside your workers, in our house, to keep our out-of-pocket improvement costs down and complete the portions of the remodeled segment that were within our abilities. You made us feel comfortable throughout the whole process and not once did we ever feel unwanted while on-site, as work was being performed. Your crews treated our property at all times with the utmost respect and were very courteous to our family and friends.

In the end, what was thought to be impossible to us was in fact not only restored to its originality but was even better than ever imagined. Though we hope to never need your services again; we will pass your information on to anyone that does. Thanks for all of your work and support.

Two satisfied homeowners,

Don & Jennie H.” – Madison, OH