How to Get Rid of the Smoke Smell from Fire Damage

Cleaning up after a fire can be a devastating event when the reality of what has been lost sets in. What does survive the damage of a fire should bring comfort, but when the smoke odor sets in, it’s not easy to rid your house and belonging of the smoke and soot damage smell.

Try as you might, ridding the smoke smell from fabrics, clothing, and furniture can seem like an impossible task.

While this task is one skilled fire damage restoration companies are equipped to handle,if you’re not quite ready to leave the smoky smell in the hands of the professional fire restoration company, follow these tips for the best DIY odor elimination.

How to Remove Smoke Smell From Furniture

There are a variety of tips to remember when removing the smoke odor and smoke damage from fabrics and upholstery. It may require trial and error, but persistence can help ensure more personal property will not be lost because of the fire’s aftermath.

Act quickly: The longer smoke odor is left to linger on fabric or garments, the harder it can be to make it go away. Smoke odor restoration efforts should begin immediately to avoid related costs from escalating.

Reduce the odor: Before the cleaning process can begin, start by removing as many items holding the smoke smell as possible. This includes anything that is not salvageable, such as carpet, wallpaper, building materials, and insulation. If items can be cleaned off site (furniture, clothing, linens), remove them from the premises. The less smoke objects holding the smoke smell, the easier it is to rid odors.

Air it out: If weather permits, open the windows and use fans to circulate the air. The ventilation will help to decrease the odor, while also dry out any moisture damage that occurred in the fire extinguishing process.

Use Positive Pressure: Find your most powerful fan, open the front door and face it inwards. Turn the fan up to high gear to blow as much fresh air into your space. When you are using this technique close all doors and windows except for one for exhaust. Work room to room, to be most effective.

Remove soot: Soot, or the black particles left behind after a fire, can contain acids and chemicals that can further be of damage to fabrics. Since soot holds odor, the smell removal process must begin by using a heavy duty or industrial vacuum to eliminate the oily residue. Be sure to hold the nozzle above the fabric, carpeting, or drapery to avoid the soot from further staining or destroying the material.

Deodorize textiles: To help break down the smoke molecules causing the odor, fire restorers often rely upon “smoke odor counteractants.” This blend of counteractants, solvents, and detergents is available for purchase. For best results, always follow manufacturer specifications when using.

Dry clean: While not exactly a DIY approach, professional dry cleaners can be a less expensive option to respond to smoke odor cleaning for smaller items than bringing in the larger efforts of a fire restoration company.

Tent it: Tents aren’t just for camping. When combined with an ozone treatment generator, a tent can help to eliminate odors in items that can’t easily be taken to the dry cleaners, such as couches and large area rugs. The machine can be costly for one time use, but opting for a more affordable option of renting in the case of large amounts of cleaning needed.

Get foggy: Another process fire restorers rely on for smoke damage is “thermal fogging.” This deodorizing process uses pressurized force to disperse deodorant droplets in a similar manner to how smoke is spread. Again, this process may be better left to skilled fire damage professionals, but with the right equipment, it is something you can do to mitigate the smoke odor problem of larger areas.

Professional Fire & Smoke Odor Removal

If you’d rather leave this big job up to the professionals the team at Roth Construction is here to help. We also have an unconditional smoke and odor free guarantee for the life of your home or business structure.  Even if you sell your home or business, the guarantee stays with it.

Roth’s Advanced Cleaning and Restoration

Roth’s state-of-the-art advanced cleaning and restoration system, Omegasonic Ultrasonic technology, cleans and sanitizes your personal belongings removing soot. This amazing technology cleans items that were previously unsalvageable. In addition to cleaning standard items like glass and ceramics, Ultrasonic technology can restore electronics, small appliances, power tools and even plastics!

Additionally, Roth provides smoke odor removal using Hydroxyl System, a technology that neutralizes viruses and bacteria to provide complete cleansing.

Call 800-874-3473 for all your smoke odor removal needs. Roth Companies and Roth Construction services Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Elyria, Sandusky, Youngstown, and surrounding Ohio areas.

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